Book Reading: “The Evolution of Chess Ideas” by Dan Elman – Jan. 26th, 2pm, SJJHM

The book is arranged as a series of lectures for chess educators, chess players and ‘kibitzers’ as a ‘Chess Appreciation” course. Dan Elman begins with some basic ideas, then we are introduced to the evolution of ideas from the 6th century to the 21st century.

The book also introduces the Masters of the game who contributed to chess through the ages. These reflect the mindset of philosophy, psychology, even the political manipulations of their times.

As with actors, musicians, poets, authors, mathematicians, etc. there exists a global comradery between all chess players whenever they meet. This is a beautiful and exciting adventure of the mind.

Dan Elman studied at the University New Brunswick; Fredericton, Dalhousie University, Halifax; the University of Fribourg, Switzerland; the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium and the Jungian Institute, Zurich, Switzerland. He has enjoyed a diverse career including a year at N29 Saglek Bay, Labrador working with the American Corps of Engineers, as the owner of Maritime Film Transport and as an IT instructor and consultant for Advanced Training and Services and JD Irving Ltd. Dan Elman has also made a name for himself as a champion chess player and instructor and was instrumental in bringing the World Chess Festival to Saint John in 1988. His writings include Centrum (a novel), Enixam (poetry), Evolution of Chess Concepts, A Program for Scholastic Chess and A Collection of Thoughts (based on weekly Sabbath portions).

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