Antisemitism becoming more visible, says Fredericton Holocaust Survivor

An Article by Jordan Gill published on CBC News

Fredericton’s Israel Unger wasn’t very old when the Nazis invaded his native Poland.

While he admits his childhood memories are not very clear, he does remember one thing about growing up as a Jew in that time: an ever-pervasive fear.

“We knew that the Nazis wanted to murder every Jew they could lay their hands on,” said Unger. “For us, it was simply a matter of when, where and how.”

Unger and his family survived the Holocaust by hiding behind a fake wall in the attic of a factory in Tarnow, Poland. More than 10 million people did not survive those years, including at least six million Jews.

\This week marks Holocaust Education Week, a time made even more poignant because of increasing numbers of incidents of antisemitism in Canada.

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