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The Current Situation:

Today we use manual electric boards that are expensive to buy and require constant maintenance. The lights are turned on and off by our custodian every Friday before the service according to a list manually maintained by one of our community members.

The Hebrew dates are managed manually, and so are prone to errors and we believe that we can’t properly honor people who passed away a long time ago if we know nothing about them.

In many cases, the living descendants of the people who passed are not aware that we light and remember their loved ones.

Amos’ Idea:

We would like to have a place that we can add details of our community members who passed away and could present their stories, pictures, and details of their lives.

These details can be presented on an Izkor screen and on a website and there will also be an option for family members to get a reminder email that we’re lighting a candle for their dear ones.

About Amos Friling:
Amos is currently the CEO, North America of QPROS, based in Saint John, New Brunswick. Amos has more than 20 years of experience in information technology, innovation and management for Israeli and international companies. His experience spans the entire business cycle starting with vision through ICT governance, strategic planning and execution. Amos also currently sits on the board of Congregation Shaarei Zedek in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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