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Israel: The Soundtrack – A Presentation in Honour of Yom Ha’atzmaut 5779

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Israel: A Soundtrack Monday May 6th, 7PM, Halifax Grammar School

About Israel: A Soundtrack

In honour of Yom Ha’atzmaut 5779, come experience Israel from a different angle: 90 exhilarating minutes of history, politics, and culture through local music and dances.

Experienced by thousands of people all around the world, Israel: A Soundtrack is a presentation that shines a light on 71 years of Israeli existence, using its mainstream music and dances as explanatory tools. The presentation explores the history, culture and social norms of Israel, as they have evolved throughout the years, and are so clearly exemplified by the local music. The presentation is comprised of critical viewing of music videos and the opportunity to experience Israeli style dancing.

**This event is suitable for diverse audiences with or without previous knowledge or experience of Israel **

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About Mijal Ben-Dori Mijal Ben-Dori (pronounced mi-hal) is the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Regional Director to Canada. Based out of Toronto, Mijal had started her current role in August 2016. Mijal’s professional life has combined over 20 years of informal Jewish education, management and service along with 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. By combining her passions for Israel, music, innovation and informal education, Mijal used pop music and culture as an indicator and a lens by which to explore society’s underlying norms and behaviors.  Before taking on her current role, Mijal led MusiMapp, which offered companies and charities alike a tool for identifying and forecasting social and commercial trends through pop music analysis. Mijal has also designed and led over 500 presentations, workshops and academic courses on her ideas, and particularly as applied in the case of Israel. Some of those ideas were shared by her on the TedXWhiteCity event dedicated to innovation, which was held in Tel Aviv in 2015.

Mijal holds a BA in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Master’s Degree in Media & Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science in England. This is Mijal’s second role on shlichut, after having served in the US as the National Director of Hamagshimim/YJ Impact, Young Judaea’s adult division, back in 2006-2008.