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About this Series: Judaism has a rich tradition of art, craft, and sacred objects. In this series of workshops, we will explore imagery, symbolism, and technique as we look at historic and contemporary works and objects from Jewish traditions around the world. We will also consider how historic events and cultural considerations led to certain choices around these pieces.

Each session will have two parts: first, we will have a slide show of examples of various items and discuss what we see. Next, we will have the chance to try our hand at creating something meaningful of our own. The series can be attended as an ongoing class, or sessions can be stand-alone events. No previous art experience necessary. Open to everyone.

About this Workshop (Session 5 of 6):  Come explore the incredible tradition of paper cutting. We are so lucky to have images of these delicate, intricate artworks, and we will look at many diverse examples. We will create our own paper cuttings, drawing inspiration from the Jewish practice of hanging a Mizrah- an artwork that is placed on a wall in the home towards something that has personal meaning. Traditionally, this has been Israel, but it could also be the sunrise, your home community, or the ocean, for example. The idea is to make a visual reminder to orient yourself toward something in the world that is sacred to you.

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**Please note: This workshop is free with admission payment to Pier 21 ($15)**

Amy Rubin (she/her or they/them) is an artist, counsellor, and practicing non-denominational Jewish person. She is so grateful to live in Mi’kma’ki, the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people, in the Annapolis Valley.