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Canadian artists – Angela Henderson and Solomon Nagler with Zapomniane Foundation Researchers Aleksandra Janus and Aleksander Schwarz.

Speculative Cartographies is an exhibition of studio research undertaken in five identified sites of mass graves of Jewish victims of the Holocaust that have been identified by the Zapomniane Foundation. Present in the exhibition are archival materials and experimental cartographic methodologies undertaken in forests where there has been confirmation of data that indicates the location of mass graves. Direct excavation is prohibited by Jewish Halacha (religious law), therefore all data about these sites are collected using non-invasive technologies such as  LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), along with archival research and assembling oral histories.

Speculative cartographies is an art project dedicated to uncovering knowledge archived in landscape. Canadian artists – Angela Henderson and Solomon Nagler and Zapomniane Foundation Researchers Aleksandra Janus and Aleksander Schwarz – work with different ways of mapping this knowledge, using data produced by non-invasive archeological tools, as well as traditional archives and subjective maps stored in local memory cultures. This work is accompanied by reflection on the very idea – and the possibility – of a monument. Speculative cartographies extracts material traces of violence recorded in landscape, simultaneously revealing the connection between human conflicts and transformations of the natural environment. The exhibition will also include photographic research from Łukasz Baksik, including excerpts from his series Matzevot for Everyday Use, a poignant investigation and documentation of Matzevot that were pillaged during the Holocaust, and still used to this day for civic and private infrastructure and building material.

The Speculative Cartographies Project is Funded by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, NSCAD University and MITACS. 

This program is presented by the Atlantic Jewish Council in partnership with NSCAD University, University of King’s College with the support of the Halifax Central Library. Holocaust Education Week programs are made possible in part by a generous grant from the Azrieli Foundation.

A self-guided exhibit of Speculative Cartographies will be displayed in several locations inside the Halifax Central Library, Spring Garden Road, from November 2-9.

The opening of the exhibit at the Halifax Central Library will be at 5PM on Monday, November 2, outside on the front plaza of the Halifax Central Library, social distancing and masks required.

The website for the virtual exhibition will be going live on November 5th, during the panel discussion at 7PM.

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