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“Were The House Still Standing” – Film Presentation and Lecture by Dr. Robert Katz

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Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 Bronfman Theatre, Bratty Hall
1055 Marginal Road, Halifax
Guest speaker: Dr. Robert Katz, Professor of Art, University of Maine, Augusta; Board of Director and Past-President of the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine, Augusta,ME

Katz, co-creator of WTHSS, an exhibit commissioned as a permanent installation for the Holocaust and Human Rights Center as an innovative audio-visual project to remember the testimony of 16 Maine Holocaust survivors and liberators.
Katz’s film allows for unexpected reflection and stillness. Beginning with music and tranquil imagery taken from the natural world-fl owing streams, forests, meadows, birds- the film only gradually and subtly introduces its subject matter of death and suffering. Moving slowly from the depiction of bucolic stillness, and only gradually to the world of human suffering and horror, WTHSS is a remarkable contribution to the history of documentary fi lm about the Holocaust.-Professor Henry Schvey, Department of Drama and Comparative Literature, Washington University, St. Louis.

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