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After-Lifetime ("Legacy") Giving to Grow the Endowment Funds of Atlantic Canadian Jewish Organizations

Atlantic Canada is one of six new communities selected to participate in LIFE & LEGACY, a North American-wide Jewish Legacy Giving Initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

About LIFE & LEGACY® in Atlantic Canada

The Program

LIFE & LEGACY® in Atlantic Canada
is a two-year partnership between the Atlantic Jewish Council, Camp Kadimah, the Beth Israel Synagogue, the Shaar Shalom Synagogue, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (of Agawam, MA) to promote and support legacy giving to benefit the Atlantic Canadian Jewish community. Participating organizations are receiving training and coaching along with financial incentives to secure legacy gifts.

a Community Effort

Since the LIFE & LEGACY program
is a cooperative and collaborative community-wide effort, the whole community will benefit. Legacy team members’ conversations are focused on what is important to the donor; thus, the conversation can result in multiple commitments. Most Jewish community members support more than one Jewish cause or organization annually and will likely support more than one Jewish cause or organization with a legacy gift.

Legacy Giving

A legacy gift is a way for members
of the community to express their passion, purpose, and commitment to valued Jewish organizations. Legacy
gifts are either current or after-
lifetime commitments to organizations’ endowments. Strong endowments
are proven to help sustain Jewish organizations and make them resilient— and thus will secure our vibrant Jewish community for the next generation and beyond.

Todah Rabah!

Thank you to the following people who have already committed to making a legacy gift to an Atlantic Canadian Jewish organization!

Click on the names in yellow to read about why those donors chose to commit to a legacy gift.

If you too have already made a legacy gift to a Jewish organization in Atlantic Canada
and would like to be included on this list, please reach out to Naomi at executivedirector@theajc.ca

Legacy Donors Whose Gifts Have Been Realized

Make a Commitment to Leave a Legacy Gift to a Jewish Institution in Atlantic Canada by Filling out a "Letter of Intent"!

By leaving your legacy gift to one or multiple Jewish institutions in Atlantic Canada, you can assure that the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you today will exist for future generations. If you fill out an LOI before the end of 2021, the organization will receive additional financial incentives from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

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Some Ways to Make a Legacy Gift

The most common legacy gift, a charitable bequest, is a donation made through your Will.You can choose to leave a specific piece of property, a pre-determined sum of money or a percentage of your estate.A gift like this costs nothing today, and if it
is a percentage, it will adjust over time as your circumstances change. By carefully planning your will, you can eliminate significant taxes payable upon your death.

Disclaimer: When considering a legacy gift, it is important to assess your own unique financial circumstances. You should always consult your financial advisor when making a gift so you can choose a strategy which best provides you or your estate with the largest tax savings while fulfilling your charitable goals. We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed and your planned gift is tailored to your circumstances.

We all strive to leave the world a better place through our children, our good deeds, our generosity

This could be the most important gift you ever make

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Atlantic Jewish Council

For nearly half a century, the Atlantic Jewish Council has worked to strengthen the historic, multi-generational Jewish community of Atlantic Canada. The thread that connects us to one another and to this sacred mission is our belief in Jewish values: tzedakah (justice) and chesed (loving kindness).

Our founders created the Atlantic Jewish Council to bolster the Jewish community of Atlantic Canada, to serve as the community’s convener, to provide a secure local home for Camp Kadimah, and to leverage our community’s resources for Israel. Their noble goals remain as relevant today as they were in 1975.The Atlantic Jewish Council continues strive for these aims as well as to ensure a Jewish future in Atlantic Canada, to secure the State of Israel and connect our community to it, to raise awareness of our Jewish communities, and to combat antisemitism.

We believe in the Jewish future of Atlantic Canada

We believe in singing Hebrew songs at the top of our lungs at Camp Kadimah. We believe in dressing up like Queen Esther for community purim parties. In knowing the words for Friday night services at shul... and knowing the person sitting next to you well enough to say hello. We believe in falling asleep to the sound of the words of a PJ Library book. We believe in eating too many matzah balls at seders on Passover. We believe that covering yourself with mud before jumping into the Dead Sea in a must.

We believe no child in our community should go to bed hungry. That every Holocaust survivor has the right to live with dignity. And all Jews should be able to live—here in Atlantic Canada AND anywhere in the world—without fear of persecution.

We believe that together our impact is greater than what any of us can do individually. We believe we can’t rest because there’s
still more work to be done. We believe in honouring the past while planning for the future. And we believe in creating the kind of community our grandparents would be proud of, and our grandchildren will thank us for. If you believe too, please join us now in securing the future of Atlantic Canadian Jewry.

About The Shaar Shalom Synagogue

Shaar Shalom is a Conservative Jewish congregation providing egalitarian services as well as educational and cultural programs for our members and community. We are committed to continuing to build an inclusive, vibrant and lasting Jewish community in Halifax.

We value being a warm and inviting environment, where members feel at home in our space. More than a building, we seek to build relationships through spiritual, social, educational and cultural fulfillment.We work to inspire the next generation of Jews to connect with their identity.

Our legacy donors are members, like you, who make a promise to future generations so they will have a thriving Jewish community enabling them to enrich their lives as Jews here in Atlantic Canada.They acknowledge that the Shaar Shalom is the heart of Conservative Judaism in Halifax. Our donors join us in creating a legacy to ensure the future of the Shaar Shalom with an act of loving commitment through their legacy gift.

About The Beth Israel Syangogue

In Halifax, the Jewish community has been in existence since soon after Canadian Confederation in 1867. By 1890, the eighteen Jews in Halifax formed the Baron De Hirsch benevolent Society. In the past one hundred and thirty years, the community, the physical buildings and the population has undergone much transformation. Yet, the Beth Israel, the affectionate name of our synagogue, maintains its values and practices until today. In 2020, it is the only Modern Orthodox synagogue east of Montreal.

For congregants, visitors, students at the five universities, and a public, the Beth Israel is a beacon. Here, lifecycle events take place. Here, there is a daily minyan. Here, we usher in Shabbat, read Torah, and extinguish each week with Havdalah. The building houses a chapel, a large sanctuary, a meeting hall, a Kosher kitchen, and a thriving gift shop. The piece de resistance is a centennial project, a commissioned art piece. There are two sets of stained glass windows depicting our history and our celebrations.

The cemetery, a short drive from the synagogue, has been the burial ground since 1893. There, we experience a history of the people and of more current losses. We see well kept grounds, and we acknowledge tranquility and peace.

How shall we nod to history and provide a promise to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come that these values and spiritual needs will continue? The legacy donor is able to ensure the upkeep of our cemetery, the maintenance of our Torah scrolls, and the general needs of a people. This is central to a future.


You have poured your heart and soul into this Jewish community and made a difference. Whether your greatest passion is Israel, your synagogue, the AJC or Camp Kadimah, your ongoing commitment stands as a testament to your values. Now is the time to take the next step and commit to securing the Jewish Future of Atlantic Canada.

Please commit to making a legacy gift to one or more Atlantic Canadian Jewish organizations today.