Halifax – Queen Street Sobey’s

The Passover dry goods order has arrived at Sobey’s on Queen Street. It is located between the seafood and bakery departments. You won’t miss the big display of matzoh. The Dairy order for Passover will hopefully arrive soon (and we will notify you when it does).

Please only purchase what you need, and do not overbuy. This will ensure that everyone, even those who cannot get to the store right away because of coronavirus, get the passover foods they need.

The Atlantic Superstore on Joseph Howe will NOT be getting a Passover order this year at all. Sobey’s on Queen Street has increased their order from last year and are now aware that the Superstore on Joseph Howe will not have any Passover products.

Halifax – Hali Deli Catering

The Hali Deli, a Jewish-owned restaurant in Halifax, is offering the two following Passover-related catering menus to help those whose seder/passover plans have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.


Chicken Matza Ball Soup
Gefilta Fish Loaf or Chopped Liver
Carrot Tzimmus with Flanken
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Potato Kugel or Matza Vegetable Farfel
Honey Crispy Coated Chicken or Sliced Brisket in Juices add $8.00 each


Charoset ($6.00 6oz.)
Chicken soup ($15.00 ltr.)
Matza balls ($2.50 ea.; $13.95 half doz.)
Carrot pineapple tzimmus ($13.00 ltr)
Carrot pineapple tzimmus with flanken ($19.75 ltr.)
Sweet and sour meatballs ($11.00 half ltr.; $19.75 ltr.)
Vegetable Farfel ($16.00 ltr.)
Potato Kugel ($10.95 sm.; $16.95 lg.)
Chopped liver ($11.00 half ltr.)
Gefilte fish loaf ($33.75 (sm. serves 8); $65.00 (lg. serves 15 plus))
Corned beef brisket ($27.00 lb.)
Roast brisket sliced in juices ($27.00 lb.)
Crispy Honey Coated Chicken cut in 8’s ($34.00)

For any questions or for orders, please email victorf@eastlink.ca. All orders must be placed before March 30th. Orders will be available for pick up at Hali Deli on Tuesday April 7th between 9a.m. and 2p.m. Please note that these meals are not being prepared under kosher supervision.

Fredericton (with delivery around the region)

An assortment of kosher-for-passover dairy/deli products, dry goods, and meats are available directly from the Scoop & Save in Fredericton.

If interested, please fill out the forms below and send them directly to the Scoop & Save:

SCOOP & SAVE LTD, 934 Prospect Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 2T8
Phone: 506-459-7676 Fax: 506-450-8203 Email: bkmscoop@nb.aibn.com

If there are other products you may require, please do not hesitate to call and ask for Brenda McAdam. Some products may be in short supply, so please be early for any special requests.

Dairy and Deli Products Order Form

Dry Goods Order Form

Meat Order Form

Brenda can accept individual orders and ship them by bus around the maritimes as long as maritime buses are running

Moncton (with delivery around the region)

Passover dry goods such as matzah, potato starch, farfel, matzah meal, Matzah ball mix, horesradish, as well as gefilte fish and herring can be found at the Taste of the Homeland store in Moncton on Mountain Rd. Shipping is available to all Atlantic Provinces. Visit https://www.tasteofhomeland.store/ or call 506-324-3842 for more information.

St. John’s

The community Passover order is in transit and likely to arrive by the end of the week. The order will be stored at Chabad of Newfoundland.

For those who didn’t order, the Jewish community Havura still has boxes of matzah and matzah meal available. Please send them an email at Jchavura@gmail.com if you would like buy anything.

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  1. Mike Cannell on March 21, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    May G_d Bless you all this Passover. If there is anything we can do to be of assistance please call me.
    Mike Cannell
    Field Representative
    Friends of Israel Gospel Ministrie
    Carleton NS
    1 902 761 2002 mcannell@foi.org

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