AJFF Tickets – Sunday Double Feature Tickets (Fig Tree, 1PM & Short Series: Israeli Films, 3PM)


Sunday Double Feature Tickets

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Fig Tree
Sunday, November 24th, 2019, 1PM

Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane (5657 Spring Garden Road)

COUNTRIES: Israel, Ethiopia, Germany, France

YEAR: 2018 | RUNNING TIME: 93 minutes

Sixteen-year-old Mina lives a surreal existence, surrounded by both the natural  wonder of her pastoral Addis Ababa neighbourhood and the enveloping  atmosphere of panic and suffering of ordinary people torn asunder by the Ethiopian  Civil War. Hiding nearby in a fig tree, her Christian boyfriend, Eli, tries to avoid  abduction by the merciless military junta as young men are scooped off the street  and conscripted into the army against their will.

With her young romance threatened and time running out, Mina hatches a  scheme to save Eli as her family plans their escape to Israel where the children’s  mother awaits. Drawing on her own wartime memories, this harrowing drama is confidently directed with grit and compassion by first-time Ethiopian-Israeli filmmaker Aäläm-Wärqe Davidian.

Shorts Series: Israeli Films
Sunday, November 24th, 2019, 3PM
Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane (5657 Spring Garden Road)

TIME: 3:00pm | LOCATION: Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane

See five different Israeli Shorts (~20 minutes each) for the price of one! Each film is Hebrew with English subtitles and was produced in the last three years. Guest speaker Adrian Fish will be in attendance.