On November 9, 1938 – Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass – the destruction of over 7000 synagogues and Jewish establishments began. This is a critical moment that led to the Holocaust.

Today, Houses of Worship are still under attack around the world.

The International March of the Living is proud to announce their 2020 Global Campaignof Unity, “Let There Be Light,” encouraging all to unite in solidarity against antisemitism, racism, hatred and intolerance by making a pledge to keep the lights on in Houses of Worship, institutions and private homes around the world on NOVEMBER 9TH, 2020.

On their website, https://kristallnacht.motl.org/, you can submit your pledge along with a personal reason or accept their general pledge to “unite the world by shining light over the darkness of hate.”

Together we will unite the world against antisemitism, racism, intolerance, and hatred by shining light over the darkness of hate.

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