A BIG Thank You to Richard Goldhar! AJC Staff Member from 2006-2008

A huge Kol HaKavod to Richard Goldhar!

Richard worked for the AJC for several years under our fearless past Executive Director Jon Goldberg. Richard brought vision, skills, energy, and great passion to his work at the AJC, resulting in many life-long friendships within, and a long-lasting impact on, our Atlantic Canadian Jewish Community.

As a testament to his values and commitment to the Atlantic Jewish Community, Richard has pledged a significant legacy gift to the AJC as part of our new LIFE & LEGACY® in Atlantic Canada program.
We are so grateful to Richard and his family for all that they have done for our Jewish community – past, present, and future.

THANK YOU RICHARD! We can’t wait for your family’s next visit to Atlantic Canada!

In Richard’s own Words:

“The beginning of my Jewish professional life and my first job. It was an honour to work with Atlantic Jewish Council, and their Executive Director Jon Goldberg whom was a steadfast leader!

They believed in my vision and ability to be their UJA campaign associate and provided great mentorship both from their professional team and lay volunteers. In order for me to truly understand where the dollars raised from the community were going in Israel the community sent me on a 10 day mission!

After my time at AJC I have always felt connected to both the community for giving me a start, and the cause. Now that my family and I are able we made a significant pledge for a legacy gift to give back to Atlantic Jewish Council.

Thank you to the Atlantic Canada Jewish Community and to our loyal supporters of Goldhar & Associates Ltd. for making this dream a reality!”

Please reach out to Naomi at executivedirector@theajc.ca for more information about the ‘LIFE & LEGACY in Atlantic Canada’ program or how you can contribute.

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