The Atlantic Jewish Council

Breakfast Club co-hosted by the Shaar and the Atlantic School of Theology: Water Protectors in Nova Scotia – a Film & Discussion

Sunday, October 14th at 10:00am to noon at the Atlantic School of Theology

Do we need Water Protectors in Nova Scotia? What are Water Protectors?

These are the questions we will explore through a short film “Water Protectors” screened at a Shaar Breakfast Club. Following the film, a discussion will be facilitated by Eliza Knockwood, a Spiritual Mi’kmaq artist/film producer, and Bobbi Zahra. Eliza Knockwood will discuss her passion for a sustainable earth and Bobbi Zahra will weave in the natural fit with the indigenous people of Israel, who understand the importance and sacredness of water. The discussion will also touch on ways in which minority populations can work together in activism.

Please note this Breakfast Club will be hosted at the Atlantic School of Theology. A donation of $5 is requested to cover food costs.

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