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***There is one-time $18 fee associated with all “IsraPalooza” events***

10:00am ADT; 10:30am NDT

11:00am ADT; 11:30am NDT

12:00pm ADT; 12:30pm NDT

12:30pm ADT; 1:00pm NDT

1:00pm ADT; 1:30pm NDT

1:30pm ADT; 2:00pm NDT

2:00pm ADT; 2:00pm NDT

2:30pm ADT; 2:00pm NDT

3:00pm ADT; 3:30pm NDT

4:00pm ADT; 4:30pm NDT

4:30pm ADT; 5:00pm NDT

5:00pm ADT; 5:30pm NDT

5:10pm ADT; 5:40pm NDT

5:30pm ADT; 6:00pm NDT

6:00pm ADT; 6:30pm NDT

7:00pm ADT; 7:30pm NDT

7:30pm ADT; 8:00pm NDT

8:00pm ADT; 8:30pm NDT

9:00pm ADT; 9:30pm NDT

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