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Holocaust Education Week: November 1 – 8, 2016.

13th Annual Holocaust Education Week: November 1 – 8 2016| Please note time change for Tuesday, November 1st program, the new time is 7:00PM|

2016 Holocaust Education Week Schedule:

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Tuesday, November 1
Slavery, the New Jim Crow, and Genocide
Guest speaker: Dr. Lissa Skitolsky
Dr. Dorota Glowacka invites you to a special lecture
on behalf of the Contemporary Studies Programme at
the University of King’s College.
Lissa Skitolsky is an Associate Professor of Philosophy
at Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania. Her research in
the fields of continental philosophy and genocide studies
aims to interrogate our cultural and political responses to
mass violence and useless suffering. She has published
articles on political theory, rhetoric and state sanctioned
violence. She is currently working on a manuscript about
the role that our notion of the ‘criminal’ has played in
genocides in the past and present. As part of this project
she is drawing on hip-hop as testimony to carceral
violence and the genocidal wounds inflicted by the US
criminal justice system.
University of King’s College, KTS Room
6350 Coburg Road, Halifax | 7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 2
Film: Every Face Has a Name
Sweden | Swedish, Polish, Norwegian and English
with subtitles | 2015 | 73 mins.
What is it like to be captured during war and
mistaken for being a spy? How is it to live six years
in hiding dressed like a girl, when you are a young
boy? What happens when you have experienced such
gruesome things, that you are trying to keep your
own memory away?
This is not just a film about an important historical moment.
Every day endless refugee streams arrive in harbours all over the world.

Our mission to put names to the anonymous
faces coming from the war feels more relevant than ever.

In Every face has a Name 2nd world war survivors
experience the magical moment when they each
recognize themselves in the archive footage shot on the
moment of liberation 70-years ago.
In the archive film they are anonymous faces in large
crowds of refugees. But they all have a name. And they
all have a story to tell. Stories about escape, survival and
starting life again. Just like the many stories we hear
about refugees in Europe today.
Bronfman Theatre, Canadian Museum of Immigration
at Pier 21 | 1055 Marginal Road, Halifax | 7:00 pm
In partnership with Diversity Spotlight, Canadian
Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

Thursday, November 3
History and Stories of the Holocaust: A multimedia
interactive exhibit. 
Walk through the history and stories of the Holocaust
with an interactive exhibit presented by Hillel Atlantic
Timelines and histories of specific regions and countries
all across Europe will be highlighted as well as the
people so tragically affected. Come join us for a powerful
multimedia experience to remember as a community,
one of the largest genocides in modern history.
Presented by Hillel Atlantic Canada
Welcome Centre, LeMarchant Place
1246 LeMarchant Street | Open from: 7:00-9:00 pm

Monday, November 7
Theatrical performance: The Mitzvah Project
A one-person play and lecture that explores one of the
most astonishing stories of the Second World War.
They were called “mischlinge,” a Nazi term meaning
“mixed blood” or, more crudely, “halfbreed.” It was used
to describe Germans descended from one or two Jewish
grandparents. By the outbreak of the Second World War,
tens of thousands of “mischlinge” were serving in the
German armed forces. The Mitzvah (the play), conceived,
co-written and performed by actor and child of survivor,
Roger Grunwald, tells the tragic story of a German half-
Jew who became a decorated officer in Hitler’s army.
The Mitzvah is co-authored and directed by Broadway
veteran, Annie McGreevey. The lecture examines the
historical conditions that produced two centuries of
German-Jewish striving, intermarriage and conversion,
which, in turn, produced over a hundred thousand
“mischling” soldiers.
Roger Grunwald, a graduate of the University of
California, Berkeley and the London Academy of Music
and Dramatic Art, has been a professional performing
artist for over four decades. He was honored with a grant
from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) for the
development of THE MITZVAH PROJECT and is on the
Speakers Bureau of the Jewish Federation.
Halifax Central Library, Paul O’Regan Hall
5440 Spring Garden Road, Halifax | 6:30 pm

Presented with the support of the Halifax Central Library

Program for Junior
and High School Students
Tuesday, November 8
Theatrical performance: The Mitzvah Project
A one-person play and lecture that explores one of the
most astonishing stories of the Second World War.

10:00 am | Advanced registration required
Edna LeVine, Director of Community Engagement,
Atlantic Jewish Council |
or Rebecca MacKenzie-Hopkins, Public Programs
Manager, Canadian Museum of Immigration at
Pier 21 |
“The Mitzvah Project is a must see! Students, community
and faculty members were amazed at Grunwald’s brilliant
performance… The most compelling
aspect is the way the material is
presented… I recommend [The Mitzvah
Project] to every college and center.”
– Dr. Mehnaz Afridi, Holocaust, Genocide &
Interfaith Education Center, Manhattan College,
New York City.


New Brunswick Program |
Wednesday, November 16 |
Kristallnacht: An evening of remembrance
Capital Community Church | 71 Downing Street,
Fredericton, NB | 7:00 pm |
Keynote speaker: Dr. Israel Unger |
Choral performance, introduction by Pastor Raymond
Woodward and a reception to follow.

The 13th annual Holocaust Education Week
programs are made possible in part by
a generous grant from The Azrieli Foundation.

2016 Sponsors and Partners:

The Azrieli Foundation

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Halifax Central Library

University of King’s College

Menemsha Films 

Capital Community Church 



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