Honouring Ruth: An AJC Project to Build a Sculpture of Ruth Goldbloom, z”l in Front of Pier 21 spear-headed by Howard & Karen Conter

In August of 2012, our community lost a major figurehead. And though her height reached not much more than five feet, Ruth Goldbloom was the poster child for the belief that dynamite comes in small packages.

Amongst her many years in philanthropy, her most notable contribution of time and energy led to what is now The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 – a unique place where we can all learn about the roots, ideals, hopes and aspirations that have made Canada so unique. Ruth would often be found around the entrance or halls of Pier 21 greeting guests and taking great interest in their stories. However, since August 2012 there has been something missing at Pier 21……Ruth!!!

That’s why we want to continue ‘Honouring Ruth’ and solidify her legacy by creating a sculpture of Ruth Goldbloom at the entrance of Pier 21. This spectacular piece will allow all visitors to Pier 21 an opportunity sit with Ruth, snap a picture, and find out more about this amazing woman.
For Ruthie, it was nothing to pack up, hop in the car, and head in any direction that would allow her to move her project closer to fruition. From that seed of passion grew a nationally recognized museum. Ruth’s efforts were endless. She was known to travel the country, at her expense, to raise funds for Pier 21—and in July of 1999 her vision was unveiled.

In order to see this project through, the Halifax Port Authority and Pier 21 have partnered with us and are very supportive of ‘Honouring Ruth’—both the name and intention of this project.Ruth was also dedicated to education. To this end, we will also create an educational bursary open to all Canadians who wish to improve their knowledge of Canadian Immigration and the wonderful multicultural mosaic that Canada represents. We also intend to fund further research into Canadian immigration.

Our goal is to raise $250,000.00 which will allow us to cover the costs of the sculpture and make a significant contribution to the bursary.

At this time, we ask you to help create this project. Together help us commemorate and honour Ruth!

Please reach out to Naomi at executivedirector@theajc.ca for more information about the project or how you can contribute.

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