How the Palmach Intended to Trick the Nazis – Feb. 12th, 7pm, @The Beth

The AJC & The Beth Present…
How the Palmach Intended to Trick the Nazis

By: Omer Lachman

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, 7PM
Beth Israel Synagogue | Youth Lounge

The Israeli Netflix show “Fauda” Tells the story of IDF soliders, who are trained to immerse themselves in a hostile population, operate from within while pretending to be locals, using the native language, appearances, and customs.

Yet, this technique did not start with Fauda nor the IDF and was already prevalent prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. Fearing a possible German invasion into then-Palestine, the Palmach (the elite unit of the underground Jewish army in Palestine, the Haganah) took no chances and established its German platoon. Just like in Fauda, Palmach soldiers were trained to master the German language and the lifestyles of the Nazi German soldiers, and to be able to fully assimilate.

This lecture will tell the fascinating story of this unit and will be followed by light refreshments

This program is made possible thanks to generous efforts of the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Jewish Agency for Israel. The program is run in cooperation with the Canadian Zionist Federation and the Department of Diaspora Affairs-WZO

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