The Atlantic Jewish Council

“Jews of the Titanic” Talk – Sunday June 24th, 2pm

Join the AJC at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on Sunday June 24th, 2pm, for a talk by Eli Moskowitz, author of the book “Jews of the Titanic”. The book will launch at the Titanic Conference on June 21st. Topics of the talk will include kashrut onboard ship, the “agunot” dilemma*, Jewish burial in Halifax, and more. All are welcome!

*Agunah (Hebrew: עגונה‎, plural: agunot (עגונות); literally “anchored” or “chained”) is a halachic term for a Jewish woman who is “chained” to her marriage. The classic case of this is a man who has left on a journey and has not returned, or has gone into battle and is missing. For a divorce to be effective, Jewish law requires that a man grant his wife a get of his own free will or be pronounced deceased.

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