It’s time to place our order for Passover foods.

We must order the items by the CASE, so if the numbers do not warrant, we cannot order the item.

PLEASE RESPOND BEFORE FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019 by email to Naomi at

Preference will be given to Israeli-made products; secondary consideration to other brands. 

We would like to offer:

Item Brand Approx. cost per item Items per case    Cost per case
White MATZO Yehuda $2.50/box @454 gr. 30 $75
White MATZO MEAL Yehuda $3.80/box @454 gr. 12 $45
Red HORSERADISH Miki** $1.70/bottle @200 gr. 12 $22.50
GEFILTE FISH Kedem** $7/jar @680 gr. 12 $81
Shabbat CANDLES (3-hour) Aish Tamid $6/box of 8 72 pc $48
GRAPE JUICE Kedem $7/bottle @ 1.89L 8 $54
HALVAH- vanilla Achva $3/container @200g 16 $36
HALVAH- marble (vanilla & chocolate) Achva $5/container @400g 12 $45

*We can only approximate the cost.  Final prices are to be determined.

** Not the same brand we bought last year.

This offer is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Steve Wolinetz on behalf of Brenda Rishea

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