Shavuot services are Sunday, June 9th and Monday, June 10th, starting at 9:15am. During the first day of Shavu’ot, in reenacting the moment when the Torah was revealed at Mount Sinai, we will read from ‘the Ten Commandments’ among other special passages we recite on Shavu’ot. On the second day of Shavu’ot, honouring the special time we set aside on Yom Tov, we will hold a Yizkor (memorial) service and recite several other special prayers for Shavu’ot.

Following Shavuot services on Sunday, June 9 and on Monday, June 10, please join us for special learning sessions facilitated by our rabbis.

Sunday June 9, 12:30pm: How Does God Speak (in Judaism and Islam)?

Taught by Rabbi Jonah Rank and special guest Imam Abdallah Yousri

Our religious traditions teach us about God speaking in important moments of our histories. But what does it sound like when God speaks? How do those who hear God speak transform? Together, we will study a few Jewish and Islamic texts that explore what it means for God to speak.

Monday, June 10, 12:30pm:  Choosing and Being Chosen

Taught by Rabbi Raysh Weiss

Shavuot is the holiday in which we celebrate Ruth becoming an important part of our people. What does Jewish law have to say about our treatment of those who choose to join our people and embrace our traditions? How do we incorporate these standards in contemporary Jewish life, and what values do they reflect and engender?

Sunday, June 9th at 10amYouth Programming: Flowers, Junior Congregation, and Ice Cream.

On the first day of Shavu’ot the youth are invited to join the service in the main sanctuary for a special Shavu’ot ritual of decorating the bimah with flowers–a symbol of how the Torah makes us grow and bloom. At about 10:15 am on that first day (Sunday, June 9th), the youth will be invited to attend Junior Congregation services facilitated by Shael and Zane Brown. After services, ice cream will be served!

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